Rank Team Record
1. Bare Naked Laners 0 - 0
1. Black Turtles 0 - 0
1. Check Your Pulse 0 - 0
1. Dictator Su's Winions 0 - 0
1. Hoo Cares 0 - 0
1. No Life Gamers 0 - 0
1. Silver Urfers 0 - 0
1. Sratstars 0 - 0
1. Team Moodles 0 - 0
1. The Shrekoning 0 - 0

Weekly MVPEdit

Weekly RecapEdit

Week 1Edit

5 out of the 10 games are here on vods, recap of the other 5 games coming soon!

Su's Winnions Vs. No Life GamingEdit

TL;DW Close until late. No Life Gaming Win. Jungle Shyvana and Top Malphite dual MVPs.
Malphite glorious laning phase led to several small advantages that snowballed to NLG's victory. Dominating his lane opponent and becoming unkillable for the enemy jungler lead to Malphite drawing lane pressure top, allowing the losing lanes some breathing rooms to catch up. Malphite's mid-game ults were devasting, both in catching out the enemy team and setting up the ball-delivery service for Orianna. The Jungle Shyvana later came into the limelight, creating a formidable front with Malphite that prevent SW's from ever reaching the squishy carries. Shyvana's fearless ults set up the chaos needed for the rest of NLG to pick off the enemy, eventually leading to their grand victory.

An honorable mention goes out to SW's Ziggs for his amazing ults that almost put his team back onto an even playing field, but the lack of damage and peel for SW led to their defeat in teamfights.

Check Your Pulse Vs. Su's WinionsEdit

TL;DW Close game until late. Check Your Pulse Win. Heimerdinger MVP.
A suprisingly game in terms of the victor. SU's held the early and mid game kill pressure thanks to fantastic teamfight initiates by Pantheon and clutch bait plays and saves by Aatrox and Lulu. Unfortunately for SW, their gameplay was completely reactionary, leading to Heimerdinger and friends hard sieging every lane until SU decided to react. A fantastic ult by Orianna at the mid inhibitor turret completely caught SW off-guard, locking down the team and allowing CYP to pick them off. Heimerdinger earns this match MVP from his constant siege pressure, baiting ability with Hourglass and Rylai's Turrets, and stalling for time after many of his teammates had died.