The Shrekoning
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Team Information
Status: Local
Team Captain: Kevin "Dslycix" Liu
Duration: September 2014 - PRESENT

The Shrekoning is a local team in the League of Legends Club at UVa.


Was founded in the 2014 fall split of the UVa LCS by captain and mid-laner Jorb, with drafted players Jamaely (Solo Top), Aremii (Jungle), Junglechum (AD Carry) and Hoyer Tarkin (Support). After week 3, Jorb had to step down due to other time commitments, and Junglechum left as well, replaced by Dslycix(Mid) and sagicharic(AD Carry), respectively.

Players Edit

Active Edit

Hometown Summoner ID Name Role
Blacksburg, VA jamaely Jason Li Solo Top
Ashburn, VA Aremii Jon Ting Jungle
Richmond, VA Dslycix Kevin Liu Mid
Bristow, VA sagicharic Andrew Yang AD Carry
Charlottesville, VA Hoyer Tarkin Samuel Johnson Support

Competition HistoryEdit