Team Information
Status: Local
Team Captain: Daniel "Nodabba" G.
Duration: September 2014 - PRESENT

Sratstars is a local team in the League of Legends Club at UVa.


The 2014 Fall season marked the beginning of Sratstars. Their captain, Daniel Grotz (Nodabba), was a first year when the team was founded. He serves as Sratstars' support, and is notable for his extremely diverse champion pool and wide knowledge of support match-ups. General Zerd, their current jungler, is known to play numerous champions not usually considered fit to the role of jungle (he played Akali in their first win), though he has also shown success on meta-champs. Gimpysetter, their current top, is widely feared for his Fiora, earning him respect bans in almost every game. However, if you truly knew Gimpy, you wouldn't bother banning Fiora, because he's actually really bad at her and loses more than 50% of his games with her by throwing lane left and right. It would probably be beneficial to let it through just so Gimpy can give you the win for free! CrimsonCat, the teams current mid laner, joined half-way through the season, but has done well in two sub games. IamJoshful, the team's current ADC, is the only silver on the team (the rest are Gold, though Nodabba was silver at the start of the season), but his performance so far has shown that he is on par with his teammates, having won bot lane soundly in many of his games, and turned many losing lanes into victorious ones.

Lemonsnow was the team's original mid laner.

Sratstars is unique in that the skills of its players are quite comparable; instead of relying on high-elo players to carry them, they are forced to work as a team to achieve their victories.


Active Edit

Hometown Summoner ID Name Role
Richmond, Virginia GimpySetter Dylan Gordon Top
N/A General Zerd N/A Jungle
N/A CrimsonCat Joseph Kraus Mid
Arlington, VA IamJoshful Josh Gross ADC
Culpeper, Virginia Nodabba Daniel Grotz Support

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