Silver Urfers
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Team Information
Status: Local
Team Captain: Austin "Austin Dragneel"
Duration: September 2014 - PRESENT

Silver Urfers is a local team in the League of Legends Club at UVa.


The Silver Urfers for the Fall 2014 season were a dream. It all started when one hot guy found three other hot guys and a girl and said, "Let's get down to buisness, to defeat, the huns." Rallies behind Jen giving them the nickname Mulan and the Hunstoppable force. Edit



Hometown Summoner ID Name Role
Vienna, Virginia Doesnt Even Lift Jack Capra Top
Culpeper, Virginia Korean Consuela Ben Yi Jungle
Columbia, Maryland Hanul Thomas Park Mid
N/A JenisMagical Jennifer Lu ADC
Colorado Springs Austin Dragneel Austin Myers Support


Hometown Summoner ID Name Role
Virginia, United States of America Jet Metro Oscar S. ADC
United States of America Tac Alley N/A Jungle

Competition HistoryEdit