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Background Information
Name: Christian Osborne
Team: Black Turtles
School: A&S
Major: Economics
Class: 2018
Hometown: Washington D.C.
Birthday: N/A
Peak Elo: Unranked, unrankable.
Role: Support
Favorite Champions: Janna, Braum, Morgana

Christian"SeaSeaO" Osborne is the support for the Black Turtles in the League of Legends Club at UVa.


He thought he would never play video games again, but then all of his friends became nocturnal over the summer. As he left his band for college, Christian picked up League as a new hobby.

When drafting time came, SeaSeaO was only level 22, possibly the least experienced player in the UVA LoL scene. The Black Turtles took SeaSeaO on in as support order to lower their average elo and run competent players in all the other positions. The "into the fire" strategy worked and Black Turtles took 1st in the regular season. Even if they were 4v5ing half the time.

Additional InformationEdit

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Alternate Names: N/A
Livestream: N/A
Facebook: N/A
Twitter: N/A
Reddit: N/A
Youtube: N/A


SeaSeaO's summoner name is a homophone of his initials.

Favorite champions are Janna, Maokai, Leona, and Dr. Mundo

He also play guitar and bass and make beats with computers.

During the 2014 Fall Splitt, SeaSeaO played on a level 30 smurf named Shadowhauk11 because his own account still had locked runes and masteries. This led to some humorous suspicions about whether the person playing was actually the unexperienced SeaSeaO, but more experienced supports like PPC Master and Skrubberduck were always down to take advantage of the new player where other bot laners were afraid.

Team HistoryEdit

Duration Team Name Role
Fall 2014 - PRESENT Black Turtles Support


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