Hoo Cares
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Team Information
Status: Local
Team Captain: Nam "Wolly Namoth" Pham
Duration: September 2013 - PRESENT


Hoo Cares was founded in the Fall of 2013 by WollyNamoth, with Tenoia, Thaiyeee, WollyNamoth, Amazn12, and Relativity101 as starting members. Although Hoo Cares are comprised of mainly low elo players at the time, they surprised the U.Va. Scene with their great team-play and took 3rd place in the Fall Brawl. During the spring split, there was a change in leadership with Thaiyeee captaining the team for the Spring Split (under the alias "The Submarine"), since the team was operating entirely off of substitute players.

During the Summer of 2014, WollyNamoth returned as the captain of Hoo Cares for the Summer Smackdown with Tenoia, Thaiyee, WollyNamoth, Amazn12, and Cableman127 as the starting players. Relatvity101 remained on the team as sub, along with TallMagik who later joined the team full time. Hoo Cares reached true form during the Summer Smackdown going undefeated (8-0) in the split and winning the Summer Smackdown Finals (2-0) versus The Bee Team.

Going into the Fall LCS, Hoo Cares released TallMagik to Check Your Pulse, another team in the fall league. The Cableman127 retired from competitive LOL and Relativity101 remained a free agent for the Fall LCS. Lotte came in to replace Relatvity101 as jungler for Hoo Cares, showing much promise, but questions remain if the synergy Hoo Cares is known for will still be present after losing their main shot caller.

Players Edit

Active Edit

Hometown Summoner ID Name Role
Hampton, Virginia Tenoia Geoffrey C. Top
Richmond, Virginia Lotte Ryan W. Jungle
Manassas, Virginia Thaiyee Ty D. Mid
Biloxi, Mississippi Wolly Namoth Nam P. ADC
Oakton, Virginia Amazn12 Li-Chang W. Support

Former Edit


Summoner ID



USA TallMagik Brian M. MId/Sub
Richmond, Virginia Eisenheim (aka Katastrophee) Brian F. Top/Sub
USA Cableman127 Tri Le Top/ADC/Sub
Manassas, Virginia Relativity101 George S. Jungle
Richmond, Virginia Dslycix Kevin L. ADC/Sub
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