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Background Information
Name: Tri Le
Team: Hoo Cares
School: School of Engineering and Applied Science
Major: Electrical Engineering
Class: 2015
Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia
Birthday: Nov. 16
Peak Elo: Plat 1
Role: Marksman/Jung/ Top/ Sub
Favorite Champions: Gangplank, Hecarim, Jayce, Twitch, Draven, Quinn, Kassadin, Viktor, Veigar, Udyr

Tri "Cableman127" Le was the (Top/ADC/Sub ) in the League of Legends Club at UVa on Team Hoo Cares.


SC2 Captain. Focus in Power, Communications and Signal Processing. Assistant troop leader at Lien Doan Hung Vuong (Troop 612). Absolute baller on the football field.

Additional InformationEdit

Looking for soulmate!!! LoL Beta Tester

Alternate Names: pimpdaddy4lyfe
Livestream: N/A
Reddit: N/A
Youtube: N/A


4800 Rating Twitch. StarCraft2 UVA Captain. 200 APM Maximum. Avg 110 APM

Team HistoryEdit

UVA 2014 Summer Champion

Duration Team Name Role
Summer 2014 - Fall Hoo Cares Top/ADC/Sub


Plat 1 Highest Ranked Rating

Highest Gangplank rating: top 800 GP in the world!