Black Turtles
Black turtle which make you laugh wallpaper
Team Information
Status: Local - Active
Team Captain: Chris "Poro Sushi" Chueh
Duration: September 2014 - PRESENT

Black Turtles is a local team in the League of Legends Club at UVa.


2014 Edit

Players Edit

Active Edit

Hometown Summoner ID Name Role
Charlottesville, Virginia Poro OpieOP Karuna M. Top
Annandale, Virginia Gazz123 Eric Lien Jungle
Poro Sushi Mid
New York City Akimata Frank Huang Marksman
N/A SeaSeaO Christian Osborne Support
Summoner's Rift Purple Inhibitor Purple Midlane Inhibitor Inhibitor

Substitutes Edit

Hometown Summoner ID Name Role
Kansas City, MO Yuerdon Harrison Yu Support

Competition HistoryEdit

Fall 2014 Edit

Date Opponent Team Result
10/05/14 Bare Naked Laners 0 - 1 L[1]
10/05/14 No Life Gamers 0 - 1 L[2]
10/12/14 Sratstars 1 - 0 W[3]
10/12/14 Check Your Pulse 1 - 0 W[4]
10/19/14 Silver Urfers 1 - 0 W[5]
10/20/14 Hoo Cares 1 - 0 W[6]


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