Bare Naked Laners
Bare Naked Laners
Team Information
Status: Local
Team Captain: Koleman "Mrcoolpants17" Nix
Duration: September 2014 - PRESENT

Bare Naked Laners is a local team in the League of Legends Club at UVa.


The original idea for the team was first conceptualized back in April 1995 when iiNFamOuSbee, the AD Carry, was born. Since his birth, he's always wanted to be on such a legendary team that gives their best in every game and isn't afraid to make mistakes. His search for such a team ended when he found the leadership of Mrcoolpants17, the brotherhood of Snackd, the steadfast support of ScrubberDukk, and the effort of Anima Igins. With this stellar lineup, the Bare Naked Laners seek to take over the UVa LCS and then later, the world.

Players Edit

Active Edit

Hometown Summoner ID Name Role
Salem, Massachusetts Anima Igins Felix Li Top
Herndon, VA Snackd Zach Auman Jungle
Manassas, Virginia Mrcoolpants17 Koleman Nix Mid
Greenwood, Mississippi InfamousBee William Henry Anderson Mullins ADC
Manassas, Virginia Scrubberdukk Nathan Tableon Support

Competition HistoryEdit


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